Which crops should farmers grow? – Science (USA) title Farming and the environment: The importance of land for biodiversity and biodiversity conservation

article article by Science Agriculture, the nonprofit organization that helps farmers and ranchers achieve the highest yields, said Thursday that the USDA has proposed new guidelines that will make farming more ecologically responsible.

Under the new guidance, farmers can expect to plant less than one percent of their crop area and less than two percent of its crop area if they grow crops with high levels of greenhouse gas emissions.

This could mean that less than 20 percent of the crops they grow would be planted on lands that could have a positive impact on global biodiversity and carbon sequestration, the organization said in a statement.

The agency is recommending the use of technology that reduces CO 2 emissions by increasing the efficiency of land use.

It also is recommending that the use and management of agricultural land be more ecotouristic, and it recommends that farmers and other land owners use their land responsibly.

The guidelines also recommend that land owners develop more effective land management plans and that they take steps to minimize the impacts of human activities on their lands.

The USDA will also create a National Land Use Strategy to help farmers and land owners reduce the impacts that human activities can have on their land.