How to Save Money in the Agtech Industry

Agtech is the latest technology to get a boost in the industry, as technology firms such as Telus are investing millions of dollars in agtech businesses and institutes.

In an effort to boost the number of new businesses, Telus has begun opening its first incubator for agtech firms in Vancouver.

The Agtech Innovation Lab is located at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and is part of a larger initiative to build the next generation of agtech companies.

In a statement to CBC News, Teles spokesperson Emily St. John said that the UBC initiative is aimed at encouraging agtech startups and companies to expand their operations into the province.

“The Agtech Lab will be a platform for UBC’s Agtech Entrepreneurship Centre to incubate and incubate new agtech ventures, with the aim of creating the next wave of global agtech giants,” she said.

Telus is among the world’s largest companies with offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Montreal.

While it is unclear what Telus plans to do with the AgTech Innovation Lab, it is clear that it has made a commitment to the industry and will continue to do so.