New Zealand to allow export of genetically modified crop to EU

Agribusinesses in New Zealand and other European countries are looking to export genetically modified (GM) crops to their domestic markets.

Agriculture Minister Paul Fletcher has been talking about the possibility of such a move for years.

The Government hopes the export could boost the economy, while also helping the environment and help with the cost of importing the crops.

Agribusies Minister Simon Bridges said the move could also create a “significant economic benefit for New Zealand”.

He said it was important that New Zealand’s exports of genetically engineered (GMO) crops could be used as a stepping stone for exporting GM crops to other countries.”GMO crops have a proven record of being successful for farmers and helping the local economy and environment,” Mr Bridges said.

“Importing crops from New Zealand will also help our country diversify our food supply, helping to maintain our position as a global leader in agricultural technology.”

The import of GM crops will also provide a boost to our exports, which are estimated to be worth more than $2 billion a year.

“The Government’s focus is now on expanding exports of GM foods to Europe, but it will consider how it will proceed if other countries move ahead with similar exports.”

We need to do a lot more research into what the best way is for New England to export GM foods,” Mr Fletcher said.

Mr Bridges said it would be important for New Zealand to export more GM crops.”

Our export partners have all said that exporting GM foods will be a very significant boost for New South Wales and Victoria,” he said.

Agence France-Presse/Getty ImagesAgricultural Minister Simon Williams said the Government was looking to “bring some certainty to the export of crops to Europe”.

He also said the export would be a “game changer” for New Britain, which has been struggling to export its GM crops due to a lack of land.”

This move will give New Zealand the opportunity to export to Europe at a time when other countries are considering the same export options,” he told reporters.”

I believe the export will give us a huge economic benefit and will give the farmers of New Zealand more certainty for the future.

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