Hebrew language dictionary definition of ‘tahquitz’

Hebrew is a widely spoken and widely understood language spoken in all of the world’s major civilizations.

But it has not been translated into English, and its vocabulary and grammar have been used in a wide range of cultures for centuries.

In this article, we define tahquiz (pronounced thah-quiz) as the word for ‘tasting wine’.

Tahquitz is a very popular word in Hebrew, used by all the main characters in the Hebrew Bible and its many books.

In some of the more recent Hebrew translations, the word has been transformed into the word ‘dessert’.

However, we do not find it in the New Testament.

Here we look at some of these translations, to find out how the word is used in the Old Testament.

What is Tahquiz?

Tahquiza is the Latin term for wine.

It is an Arabic word meaning ‘wine made from wine’.

In Greek and Latin, tah-QUY is an adjective that refers to a fruit, such as an apple, grape or pear.

It can also be an adjective used to refer to a drink, such a wine or a spirit.

Tahquizzas is an Old Testament word that means ‘dinner’, although we do find it used as an adjective for a meal or a meal in general.

Here is a list of the Hebrew words for tahQUIZ in the Bible: שלקר שמקים העברים (to taste wine) בתום בשעתים(to eat wine) قרישעה תמחיט (to eat a meal) The first three of these are often used interchangeably, but the last two are clearly separate terms.

What does ‘tastes’ mean in the Biblical Hebrew?

We use tah QUY as an English word to refer not only to tasting, but also to eating.

The Hebrew word tah quIZ means ‘taste wine’ and has a long history of usage.

This is reflected in the name of a wine bottle found in the tomb of King Solomon, and a wine can called the ‘Tahquizzis’, which were used by Solomon’s people for their drinks.

But what is a tahQuIZ?

The word ‘tahs’ is an Egyptian root word meaning both ‘sweet’ and ‘pleasure’.

The meaning of tahQZ is clear, and it can mean a pleasure in any context.

It has also been used to mean ‘to taste’, as in ‘to drink wine’.

It can even be used to describe the taste of wine in general, as in the words ‘tav, tavo’ meaning ‘to be thirsty’.

It has a different meaning in the Jewish language.

It means ‘wine’ or ‘wine with a pleasant flavour’.

The Hebrew words that form the root of the word tahsQUY are ‘tafar, tafari, tafa’ meaning a drink or beverage, as well as ‘to make wine’ or “to drink the wine”.

These words have come to mean a drink that tastes good, but with a sweet or pleasant flavour.

The word tafAR (to make) comes from the root tafa meaning ‘with’ and means to make.

So, a tafar (wine) is made with honey, honeycomb, sugar, herbs and spices.

The root of tafa means ‘to fill’ or to fill with wine, or ‘to pour’.

‘Tafa’ has a meaning that is not clear to us at the moment.

A tafasQUY, or a tafaQUY (which is an ‘inflection’ of taf- meaning ‘a drink with wine’) is also a drink with a taste.

This may mean a beer or a cocktail, or even a cocktail that is sweetened with sugar or spices.

But, in any case, we are talking about a drink made with wine.

TahQUIZ is a word that is often used in Hebrew as a synonym for wine, and to this end, we look to the Old Hebrew for the definition of the term.

In the book of Exodus, the Book of Numbers, we find this definition: יזדה לעשה יהו וקדות בריקה שנתנעודיו למניים לעמעל יתםלנו עליךים.

The translation of this passage is: “And the Lord said to Moses: ‘Go, you shall say to the people, I have made a drink of wine from the vine, which I will give to you and