How to watch GOP debate: How to tune in

President Donald Trump, his wife Melania and their daughter Ivanka are expected to discuss agricultural policy at the GOP debate on Tuesday night.

Here’s what you need to know about the Republican presidential debate:The Republican candidates will be asked to defend their record on the farm issue, as well as their stance on the Paris climate agreement.

The topic will come up during the first presidential debate of the 2016 cycle.

Read MoreWhat to know ahead of the debate:Here are a few questions to ponder:• Trump’s stance on climate change: In an interview with ABC News last month, Trump said he was supportive of the Paris accord, but not a “complete” supporter.

He also said he would consider withdrawing from the Paris agreement if the United States “does something that is not in the interest of the American people.”

“I will consider withdrawing.

I don’t think we should be taking a position on that.

I’m not in favor of it.

I think we ought to be working on other things,” Trump said.• Melania Trump’s position on climate: The first lady has been a vocal advocate for renewable energy.

She has repeatedly supported renewable energy and has argued that the country can’t afford to put more of our money into the fossil fuel industry.

In March, she wrote an op-ed for the Associated Press in which she said “we must continue to push the use of wind, solar, and other renewable resources for electricity generation.”

In the interview with Fox News host Megyn Kelly last month on “The Kelly File,” Melania Trump reiterated her support for renewables, saying “We have to be energy independent.”

“And we’ve been for so long, we’ve got to continue to use the energy, so I want to be able to have more of a strong wind and solar energy, but also more of the clean energy we need,” she said.

She added that her energy policy was a “very personal decision.”

Melania Trump’s remarks came as Trump was under fire for his initial response to the Paris Agreement.

“I want to thank France for helping to create a strong climate agreement,” Trump told Fox News in an interview.

“But they also created a strong agreement on climate pollution.

And so it was very important for us to help make that agreement happen.”