Farming and farming tools: Which are your favorite?

The agricultural technology blog, Farming and Farming Tools, is one of my favorite sites to blog on.

I was also fortunate enough to receive the 2017 edition of their annual Best of Farm Tech series.

I’ve been a reader of the site for years, and I’ve always enjoyed the insights that come with reading their articles.

The article I’m going to share with you today, which I found the most interesting, is called “How To Farm With An iPhone.”

This article covers everything from what it takes to get your farm up and running to how to keep your iPhone safe.

I highly recommend reading it.

It has been one of the most helpful articles I’ve read in years, as well as one of their most informative. 

First, I want to take a moment to thank the blog for being the first to write about my new iPhone.

I appreciate it!

You’ve done a great job!

Second, I’m really excited to share this article with you.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be publishing a series of posts on different topics.

I’m so looking forward to seeing what you’ll share. 

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