Corn Heads Make A Difference

Aside from all the other improvements farmers have been to do their job in a more efficient way, the twelve and sixteen row planter and corn head has been making both planting and harvesting season go by much quicker for American farmers. Although these accessories are a lot more expensive than what farmers are used to, they are definitely worth every penny in the long run. At the 2011 Farm Progress Show John Deere used their S690 combine to demonstrate to farmers how well their new equipment worked. Showing farmers in person how much of an impact technology can have on their daily lives is not only an excellent marketing tool, but also allows them to see the product work before spending thousands of dollars. Especially with agricultural technology, if the product or machinery won’t be worth the money, farmers probably will not think twice about not purchasing it. They have to save money any place that they can.

Technology in agriculture’s primary goal must be efficiency, particularly in this case, the efficiency of field excavation and planting. Depending on the weather, in some years farmers have a lot less time to plant their crops due to a wet or too cold of a winter or spring. In other years, farmers must excavate their crops later or earlier than planned due to dry spells, too much rain, or even when winter is quickly approaching. The schedule of the farmer strictly depends on the weather around him, so he needs reliable equipment that can help him to get his job done faster and better.

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