The AgBot

A system that can completely control data and record, plus monitor farms and agriculture areas. This system for helping farmers is called AgBot. What are AgBots? An AgBot gathers and stores information to its computer system that can then be accessed online by using a smartphone or computer. AgBots are solar powered, compact, and robust, which means that it can be deployed for up to weeks at a time ( This robot is a new system to help farmers on their land, and to keep information organized an accessible.

AgBots can perform a lot of duties to benefit farmers. These dues are monitoring irrigation and water levels, remotely turning pumps or appliances on and off, sending sms alerts during specific events, monitoring and recording rainfall, humidity, soil, air temperature, soil content, and electricity use, and recording upload or sms photos in real time ( AgBots can perform numerous tasks, but this is only a small list of the tasks an AgBot can do. AgBots can operate independently for long periods of time because they are solar powered with rechargeable batteries. This device is all of the electronic luxuries we have in the world combined into one robot that can do all of the work on its own. As of right now, there are five AgBots available through order from Australia.

The five AgBots are WaterBot, SuperBot, SpyBot, ActionBot, and FieldBot. Each bot completes different tasks for its specific duties that are wanted. WaterBot, ActionBot, and SpyBot can be purchased for $199. While the FieldBot is $299, and the SuperBot is $599. These robots are a new technology movement to improve farmer’s efficiency on the farm. It also improves that amount of accurate data farmers collect on a regular basis. Technology improves to help peoples lives become easier, and helps the ones the need the most help. Farmers need the most help because of the long days and nights they spend working. These systems can help a farmer in any way needed, but the biggest benefit is all of the stored information available to access on a computer or smartphone. Technology is the new helping hand for famers, and the implementation of it could lead to great success on the farm.

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