Japan’s Speedy Egg Technology

Japan uses high tech technology to check and package eggs. The system used has a process of cleaning, checking for cracks and blood spots, and then packaging the eggs. As stated in the video, the whole process takes about ten minutes to complete. The cleaning process involves several steps to make sure the egg is completely safe, and proceeding that process red and blue lights check for any other spots that were missed. The next step is checking for cracks. Eggs are checked for cracks by the eggs being tapped 16 times by mini hammers. The final stage is the packaging process. This process involves the eggs being put into package and being labeled. The whole process takes up to ten minutes, and 33 packages of eggs can be produced in 1 second (Speedy and Safe – Japan’s Egg Technology). That is a lot of packages for one second! Technology has allowed faster and more efficient packaging for factories.

Every country has some type of system they use to produce products, farm land, and much more. Not all use technology, but technology is being implemented at a fast rate in countries. Implementing technology will only benefit companies because of how fast products can be produced, and the quantity that can be produce in a single day. Japan has taken advantage of technology, and the egg factory uses the fastest technology available to package all the eggs. Japan is being smart and using technology to mass produce at a fast rate. Other countries and factories need to observe this and realize technology comes with a tremendous amount of benefits.

Speedy and Safe – Japan’s Egg Technology. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, 2013. Youtube Video.

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