Vertical Farming: Feeding the World in a New Way

Vertical farming is one of the new technologically advanced methods to produce more goods and produce for the population. It is estimated by the year of 2050, 80% of the world’s population will mostly reside in in urban areas, and the human population will also increase by three billion ( The most logical solution to provide food for all these people in urban areas is vertical farming. Vertical farms can be set up in urban areas and the buildings are staked up with different produce and livestock on each floor.

Technology will need to be fully used to feed the world by 2050. Vertical farms are the new way to feed the world, and vertical farms are in the production process. One vertical farm being built is located in Singapore. The farm is a 26 story towers high and will contain organic local vegetation. Solar panels will be used to generate 40% of the energy required to run the facility. Another form of energy will be human waste, which is converted into energy by on-site-bio-gas facility (Inspiration Green). This is only one vertical farm, and it is uses very little resources and energy to produce all the goods that are required for consumers.

Vertical farms are the future of agriculture, but only for urban areas. As of right now, the farm ground that we have now will mostly be preserved, unless the world continues to increase in population and the farm ground gets taken over. Vertical farms will help urban areas obtain the necessities they need without farmers transporting goods into the city for the consumers. The farm is also extremely green, and will not harm the environment. There are very many benefits in vertical farming, but who would have ever thought a farm could be built in a tower in the middle of a city?

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