Keep It Cool

Keeping products fresh is very important after the harvesting process due to the products being sold for a profit. A cooling facility is what farmers use to transport their goods to the market. What is the importance of a cooling system? Well, as I stated before, a cooling system keeps products fresh. Who wants bad products? I know I don’t, and I am not the only consumer that thinks that way. No one wants to go to the market and purchase bad tomatoes. Purchasing bad produce completely ruins a whole meal, and makes the person have to run to the store again to purchase better produce. It is a win-win situation for consumers and farmers because farmers can keep their produce fresh for consumers, and consumers can buy the fresh produce and enjoy it. Consumers will keep buying the farmers produce if it is fresh and delicious at the market, which will allow farmers to generate a steady income.

Different forms of cooling can be used for keeping produce fresh. These forms are water, ice, and forced air. Each method can be used, but the method that is chosen depends on the product being transported (Schneider, Goodrich-Schneider, Archer). The major factor when deciding what method to use is determining what method will have the lowest risk of food contamination. The method best suited for this responsibility is the air-cooling system. With air-cooling systems, transporters and farmers do not have to worry about the water or ice containing microbial contamination (Schneider, Goodrich-Schneider, Archer). That is why this system is the most frequently used in transportation vehicles.

The main goal of cooling systems is to fight off heat stress that can turn produce bad. “During transport, produce is rarely held under optimum environmental conditions; approximately 40% of the vegetables never make it to the supermarket shelves due to damage during transit (Benkeblia). To prevent this, transporters need to be aware of the temperature in the trailers because produce temperature is the most important component in good produce. Cooling technology allows produce to be shipped across countries, and farmers would not have this ability in earlier years.. Their income will increase, and more consumers can experience their products. Technology allows farmers to do more things than every before.

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