Helping Farmers Get More Sleep with Technology

New technology is generated all the time, but it is slowly increasing in agriculture by the years. A new system that helps farmers be more productive in harvesting is on-the-go cart filling systems. This system uses navigation to guide carts to the location of the combine that is harvesting. Farmers work from sunrise to sunset and most of the time even later into the night in planting and harvesting season. This is one new technology that can help farmers get work done while be able to have more sleep at night.

Efficiency is key when technology is being produced and this navigation cart system can do just that. John Fulton, a precision agriculture specialist at Auburn University states, “I think a 10 to 15% improvement in harvest efficiency through improved off-loading is achievable. It may be even higher for some folks. Improved efficiency on that scale could have a tremendous impact financially.” Having new technology implemented into agriculture can be expensive in the beginning, but the future income that can be made in less time makes the implementation worth it.

The navigation system uses GPS/GNS navigation to locate the combine and cart with each other, and the systems also controls the speed of the cart that will match to the speed of the combine. Sonic and visual sensors are used as well for monitoring (David Hest). For a farmer, driving and watching the loading process at the same time can be challenging, and that is why video systems can help out. Farmers still have to make decisions and control the wheel, but with extra systems, it allows farmers perform other tasks while in the harvesting process.

Income and efficiency are the two main improvements farmers will see with an increase use of technology. Implementing the new systems will be expensive though, but will only benefit in the long run. To keep up with the agriculture world, farmers will need technology for help. New systems will continue to appear in the agriculture world, and farmers need to keep an open mind. Trying new technology won’t hurt even though it can be scary.

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