Farming With Precision

Two technologies have impacted agriculture in a big way, and these two technologies are geographic information systems and global positioning systems. Other technologies are used along side of the GIS and GPS, which all the technology added together makes up precision farming. To get an idea of precision farming, I will tell you a story so you can picture the process of precision farming.

Imagine yourself sitting in a combine, and while riding along on your farmland you push a button in the cab that turns on your GPS. This GPS system then pinpoints your precise location within a meter. Then, you proceed to touch another button, and this button displays GIS maps. The maps show many things, such as where the soil eroded in the winter. After that, you upload sensing data that show you where beginning crops are thriving and where they are not. Then, they are uploaded, you press SEND, and the data is uploaded onto an onboard machine that automatically runs the process of regulating fertilizer and pesticides. Once this whole process is completed, you can enjoy the ride and the beauty of nature.$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/sag1951$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/sag1951

That whole process is the new generation that involves precision farming, and there are many benefits.“Several benefits are achieved from an automated method of capturing, storing and analyzing physical field records. Detailed analyses of the farm production management activities and results can be carried out. Farmers can look at the performance of new varieties by site specific area, measure the effect of different seeding dates or depths and show to their banker the actual yields obtained and the associated risk levels. It is imperative that trends and evaluations are also measured over longer time spans. Cropping strategies to control salinity may take several years to evaluate while herbicide control of an annual weed should only take one season” (Agriculture and Rural Development).These benefits will only grow as technology increases. Many farmers use technology, and the use of technology is only increasing.

The precision farming development is still in process, and is always developing new technology. Precession farming allows farmers to relax more and have help when planting and harvesting seasons are hectic. Who helps out with this technology though? The U.S. Department of Agriculture, NASA, and NOAA are three of the agencies contributing to the precision farming movement (David Herring). With the implementation of technology, the main goal is to improve the profits and harvest yields for farmers.

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